Dream Big: 2056

"I first heard Pagnia Xiong sing this song 5 years ago at the People 2 People Laotian Project at the UW-Stevens Point HaSEAAC's Benefit Concert.

It brought me to tears then, and when I heard it again this Saturday, I teared up again. Her performance sent a very clear, powerful and inspiration message. Her message was: Together we can Dream Big.

Thank you for being there on that day Pagnia, and once again, you rocked the audience! 

Dream Big: 2056!"

- Yee Leng Xiong, 22, recently elected to the Marathon County Supervisor District 19 seat. Xiong was first elected at the age of 19 to the DC Everest Area School Board in 2013.

Thank you, Marathon County Supervisor Yee Leng Xiong for the kind words, and more importantly, the work you do in your community. You're an inspiration to everyone who gets to meet you!

Dream BIG,