My Sisters Take Over My Instagram!


Hello beautiful!

So we’re halfway through Women’s History Month, and I think it's time to share with you the most important women in my life.

An associate director in student affairs at a university.

A makeup artist in the city of angels.

A portrait photographer.

A pastry baker at a popular bakery shop.

They each have a title, but are so much more than their occupation.

Sooooo much more.

To begin with, they are the single strongest influence on who, why, and how I am where I am today. 

And I'm humbly blessed to have been born with these four women as my biological sisters. 

"They are the single strongest influence on who, why, and how I am where I am today." 

I know you know me through my blog, performances, online posts, and music. I also believe that you can learn a lot about someone based on who she surrounds herself with.

So if you’ve ever wondered who I am outside of music, definitely follow me and my four sisters on Instagram!

Starting next week, we’ll be taking over each other’s Instagram accounts, and are excited for you to learn more about sisterhood and our individual selves!

(Fingers crossed, no humiliating moments about me will be shared.)

Click on each image below to follow each sister.

Next week, may you get to learn more about me through the eyes of the four most important women in my life. And may this also inspire you to celebrate the amazing women in your life!

(Sigh) Now, I’m all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you so much and happy Women’s History Month!

Until next time…

Dream BIG,
Pagnia Xiong