The Beauty of the Beginning

  Image by Pa Chia Xiong; From "Plhis Suab" Album Artwork

Image by Pa Chia Xiong; From "Plhis Suab" Album Artwork

In 2006, I had my first and only album photo shoot for Nyob Ib Sab. On top of an aged sofa. Against the very same & simple white living room walls I grew up in. Pa Chia Xiong of Pachiaaa was my photographer, only 16 and using a camera I could only borrow from school.

Fast forward to 2016. 

It was the first day of multiple shoots for Plhis Suab. Pa Chia and I were at it again. Only this time, we were in a different city with big lights, a huge camera, loud music, & beautiful backdrops. We were two very different artists with bigger dreams and a broader knowledge of our crafts. 

Laughter soon filled the air. We were reminiscing about our first shoot ten years ago.

We were so young. 
We were so naive. 
We were so limited.
Yet, so passionate. 

Passionate enough to make due with what we had. 
Passionate enough to find the best in our situation. 
Passionate enough to keep going for another ten years.

So keep going, dear. One day, you're gonna laugh all about it - and be so grateful you continued moving forward.

Dream BIG,