I wasn't supposed to be a music artist. But I believe you must live the life you imagine for yourself (& dream BIG). Join me on this journey!

Fres Thao - Queen of the City

My personally autographed copy of "Mind Full Of" by Fres Thao.

My personally autographed copy of "Mind Full Of" by Fres Thao.

One track you MUST hear off of Fres Thao's album, "Mind Full Of" is:

"Queen of the City" (featuring Cody Lee).  

Ahhh...first, this song gets me into a groove.  (Just hit 'play' below.)  Right now, I'm literally swaying, hands raising, fingers snapping...in broad daylight at my workspace tom tsev.    

Besides the smooth, soulful music delivered in this song, I am reminded of the many talented and powerful women I admire and the woman I desire to be when I listen to this track.  

Written by multi-talented, Twin Cities based artists Fres Thao and Oskar Ly, the lyrics hit head on what I aspire to be in life:

  • strong-minded,
  • intelligent,
  • independent...&
  • um..."first class with a little bit of sass. 

"Queen of the City" tells me I can be the woman I want to be, even when others are not ready for her.  I know this all too well as I've got 29 years of experience, baby.  And I expect to live another 29 years as I am empowered to keep moving in the direction of my dreams as the song tells me:

"But that's all right though, you living life and
Never let anybody tell you any different" 

What I love even more is each time, I'm finding new truths as I sway and listen to the lyrics of this very-needed song in the world we live in.        

Take a listen for yourself.  

I encourage you to support fellow Hmong music artists who are creating positive change through their incredible talents, artists such as Fres Thao.     

One of my favorite verses from "Queen of the City":
"I'm a sucker for the strong minded women
The kind beyond drinks and - a smiling gimmick
That's the truth, nothing's ever an accident
It's just another step towards what's ahead for ya
Treat yourself to the nicer things
It's your life, you want it, you get it, cuz you a queen"

Lyrics written by Fres Thao & Oskar Ly

I am enough. And so are you.

Cody C Lee - The Serenader