I wasn't supposed to be a music artist. But I believe you must live the life you imagine for yourself (& dream BIG). Join me on this journey!

New Year Blues

Josie is an accessory girl! 


It’s my first post of the New Year and I just want to put that out there before anything else.  :) 

It was a super fun, relaxing, and lazy (okay, I worked hard planning parties too!) holiday break with my family in Minnesota and Wisconsin! 

From watching the BetweenSisters show on my parents’ Roku to 4 AM talks with my siblings to holding new babies in the family (Hi Josie!), it was filled with so much laughter and love. 

Family – just when you thought you couldn’t love them any more. <3   I hope you had a great holiday break too!   

Back to reality.

After I got home, the first thing on my to-do list was to figure out my goals for 2015.    

It’s such an exciting time.  I get to write my future.  I get to put the first brush stroke on my blank canvas.  I am the kid with the new school supplies on the first day of school. 

It is that exciting.

So, I have my top 3 goals—two of which are all about music.  (More on that later!) 

But in a couple days sitting with my goals, I find myself with more negativity than I imagined I’d have at the start of a new year. 


So much for being that kid.

I realized I had to face reality (again).  By focusing on goal setting, I also had to put attention on the fact that this moment of where I am right now is soooo far away from the moment of where I want to be. 

"...This moment of where I am right now is soooo far
away from the moment of where I want to be.

In other words, the road to my ultimate dreams is so long and so far in the distance that I lose myself on what “should be” and what “hasn’t happened yet.” 

I’m sure I beat myself up at least three times this past week.  And felt miserable.


Is this happening to you too in your first week of 2015? 

Have no fear.  Thank goodness for good people like online superstar and entrepreneuress Marie Forleo. 

While everyone was talking about goal setting with big smiles this week, Marie was the hall monitor who guided me along the school hallways 'cause she knew I was going to get lost on my way to music class.

I so appreciate Marie Forleo in my inbox every Tuesday, because she always, always has the right message for me at the right time.  Let me show you.

This video was sent to me just two days ago.  I told ya - the right message at the right time. 

So she kindly tells me that by being in my state of mind I’m basically “training myself to be miserable and mediocre.” 


But Marie's real nugget of truth came here:

“All pain, frustration, and annoyance in our life come from resisting the moment.  It comes from saying, ‘This moment isn’t how it should be.’ 

But the moment already is. 

So you have two choices:

You can resist it and be freakin’ miserable.
Or engage with the moment and have a damn good time.”

In other words, live on purpose in the moment (no matter how far off it is from your dreams) and make it the best darn moment you can.

LOVE IT.  #archive 

Wanna know what else is incredible? 

While writing this blog today, a good friend of mine, Mr. Kong Lor of The Kong & Shu Project sent me something I shared with him and my Facebook friends four years ago that just blew my mind...again. 

Four years ago, I wrote this.  Time to take my own advice.

Talk about the right message at the right time!  (I think my angels are working hard again.

So my beautiful reader, if you’re struggling with moving forward with your ultimate desires, I hope today’s blog post pushed you to take that one happy, baby step into the new year. 

Leave me a comment if something resonated with you.  I'd love to hear from you and I do read your comments!  :)

Happy 2015!

Until next time…

Dream BIG,

Buddha, Fried Tofu, & A Baby