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How I'm finding hope & having faith in the world again

I’m not normally glued to the news. 

But on November 14th, that all changed when I saw the many posts made by friends and family in the States and in France regarding the most current news.  Some were filled with anger, some with shock, and some with love. 

You should know, I'm a very sensitive person. 

If someone’s hurt, I feel it. 
If someone’s upset, I know it. 
If someone’s happy, I absorb it.   

And this past weekend, my sensitivity was beyond my friends and family.  I was thinking about the whole world and the sadness I could feel all around me.

I think I know now what it means to have the weight of the world on your shoulders.  It was heavy, and I didn't like carrying it around until 2 AM every night.  After prying my own fingers off the cookie jar of online news and Facebook posts, I knew I needed to change my state of mind.  

My solution was turning to those who’ve kept me grounded all this time.  From family members to life coaches to icons like Gandhi, I slowly built myself back up in these past few days. 

I’m writing this today, because I know there’s someone out there who’s feeling the same way I felt, and may not be sure what to think anymore or where to go to just release what’s on their mind.

If that someone is you, may this list give you some hope, release some tension, and have some faith again in the world.   


1.  ARTICLE - “5 Simple Ways to Demonstrate Love in a Hurting World”
Written by Kate Snowise for Huffington Post, my favorite line from this article is “In times of great hurt and destruction it is easy to feel powerless to change anything. Yet the small actions in our daily lives do have an impact on the world. If we radiate love it will be felt.”


Think about your family and friends.  

This holiday season, I look forward to being surrounded by the ridiculous laughter, loud conversations, & warm moments together with my loved ones. 

>> ACTION TIME: Now, it's your turn…<<

Search back through your Facebook photos like I did.  Find one or two that just melts your heart.  Then complete this sentence:   

This holiday season, I look forward to ______________________________.


“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” –Mahatma Gandhi


4. FACEBOOK POST - "Q of the Day: How Do You Keep Calm During Hard Times?"
Written by Elizabeth Gilbert, one of my favorite authors who I look to for advice (& wrote a chapter or two on the Hmong people in her book, Committed), takes readers back to a time when she met two friends while in NYC only a few days after 9/11. 


One of the most healing songs I’ve ever listened to is “Long Time Sun” by Snatam Kaur.  When times get tough, this is the song I like to close my eyes to and just bathe myself in.


My hope is that this list not only helps you, but that you also continue to return to this list or create your own for tough times ahead.  I know I’ll be doing both.

May you have a beautiful Thanksgiving celebration where only love and laughter shines through.

Until next time…

Dream BIG,


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