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Tchoua Xiong: Passion Over Talent

I was eight years old when Tchoua Xiong, my youngest sibling was born. 

With a pack of six older siblings, he was very much loved (& despised) by us. We changed his diaper, cleaned and filled up his milk bottles every night, and let him tag along when he got older.

He was a good kid, and growing up, he was the one I got along most well with.  When I left for college, my mom told me she was sad, because my brother was sad.  Sweet, ain't it?  :)  

Fast forward several years later... 

Tchoua is still a good man and we still get along very well.  We get along so well, I wonder why we did not collaborate sooner.  You see, earlier this month, I had a crazy idea.

I wanted to send Tchoua to visit and create new music with me for 30 days.  He is a music lover and an aspiring music producer.

He’s been here for only eight days, and within the first day, I was reminded of why I came up with this idea.  

You see, Tchoua is a very, very passionate individual. 

I like to think my siblings would all agree with me here.  Whatever he puts his mind to, he does it with 110% effort.  Whether it is cooking dinner, making a phone call on my parent’s behalf, or composing a new song, he gets the job done - with quality.  And that is why I wanted him here with me this month.    

It is such a "life turn-on" when you encounter people who deeply care for
and are passionate about their work. #‎passionovertalent

It's a big deal with I encounter a passionate person.  If you ever see me silent as a sleeping baby while someone is talking about her work, it is usually because I am trying to soak in all her passion (and I want whatever she's having).  

When I'm around a passionate individual, I find myself more engaged, more excited to take action, and more happy.  That's exactly how I have been feeling for the past eight days with Tchoua.

I once heard from Deepak Chopra that someone who has created great success has a passion for what they do every day and feels an emotional bond with those who share his passion and is helping him to succeed.  

In other words, Tchoua is that someone to me.  

I am so grateful to have Tchoua as my brother.  Despite our age difference, he has taught me a great deal about work ethic, passion, and going at any task with all my heart – no half-a**ing.    

Thank you, Kiddo.  

You can find Tchoua's Facebook page here & enjoy his latest video!


What about you?  Have you ever been around or worked with a passionate person?  How did that impact you?  Please leave a comment below.  I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time…

Dream BIG,

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