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#Throwback, Baby!

#Throwback, Baby!

Happy 1st Birthday, “Tso Kiag Mus (Let It Go)”!

5 Things You Need to Know About This Video

1.  The biggest challenge for Tchoua Xiong, the mastermind behind the music, was “the distance” of working together, but he is “grateful for having the opportunity to rearrange one of the biggest songs of 2014.”  It was his first full music production and you can find out why I enjoy working with Tchoua here.

2.  Intially, I did not like the snow.  But Kong Lor, the director behind the music video, convinced me.  You like it too, huh?  :) 

3.  Many Google Hangouts and phone calls later, my sister, Nancy, my mom, and I translated "Let It Go".  It was a challenging task, as the lyrics were complex and we wanted to capture its true meaning as accurately as possible.  Imagine if I did Idina’s version though…“frozen fractals?”  HmongDictionary.com couldn't help me with that one either.

4.  The note at 03:16 is a great way to practice breath control, my aspiring singing peer/karaoke lovers.  I wished I could say that the recording was only one take, but gratefully, I have a stronger diaphragm now.  :)

5.  One of the happiest moments in my music career was meeting a mother whose daughter fell in love with this music video shortly after its release.  It was the cure for any time the daughter fell into sadness.  Check out our conversation here.  


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