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How one song lyric taught me a life lesson

Happy March!

I just read that and giggled.  :)  

Spring is only 19 days away, people!  Longer days, more sun, chirpier birds, and wide open windows.  Ahhhh, life is bliss.  

Speaking of bliss, I’m back in the studio!  Since returning, I’ve been reminded time and time again of how it feels to push through challenges and finally reap the rewards.  

Excitement.  Joy.  Happiness.  Gratitude.  Satisfaction.  Yeah, it feels great.  

Last Friday, I started to work on an idea that I had abandoned for several months.  It’s pretty darn close to my heart.  While working on it, a melody and one line of lyrics for the chorus randomly rolled off my tongue.  

(That doesn't happen as often than you think.)

As I sung the new line, tears began to well up in my eyes.  I had no clue why.  This song isn’t a sappy love song.  The new line didn’t say exactly what I wanted to say in the chorus, but I knew it was special.  So I celebrated by singing it over and over again into the night.  Tears and all.  

Saturday was self-care day.   

Then on Sunday, I went straight to work on the chorus - where the BIG WHY, the juicy reason, the deep meaning behind the song is delivered.  But I wasn’t so lucky.  The lyrics I wrote were not clicking, no matter how hard I tried.  Being on social media was more exciting than pushing through this block, unfortunately.  

Finally, the next day, now Monday at 11:30 PM, I realized what had happened.  

Nothing was coming through, because my intuition aka my heart knew something wasn't right.  It was stalling me until I saw it.  

The message I thought I wanted to write wasn’t what I genuinely, deeply within my bones, wanted to sing.  It wasn’t the truth that I was afraid to say, afraid to be judged for, afraid to release into the world.  

And my heart already knew that on Friday night.  Yep, the smartest part of my body.  It just took all weekend for me to figure it out. 

It was that one line that “randomly” came to me on Friday night that showed me the real truth of what I wanted to say in this song.  In other words, I needed to stick to that line and write with it in mind, because it was what I really, really, really wanted to say.    

Forget my plans.  Forget what I thought I wanted to say.  Listen to my freakin' heart.  

So thanks to my heart, my deepest intuition, I now have a chorus that I love and a song that I hope you’ll love as well.  

So if you’ve been stuck on something that you care about, take a step back and listen to that wise heart of yours.  It never fails you.  The truth can always be found there.  

YOUR TURN.  Can you relate?  Have you've been lead back to your heart by something unexpected like me?  Please leave a comment!  I always love reading 'em.  :)

Until next time…

Dream BIG,

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