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What Barack Obama, Beyoncé, a Murderer, George Bush, and I Have in Common

What Barack Obama, Beyoncé, a Murderer, George Bush, and I Have in Common


This week, I shared this photo with you from my last performance of 2017. Hi Mom! Hi Scarlett, Pads, & Pa Chia! I also told you that as soon as I get off the stage, I ask my family this one question:

“Did I do ok?”

We all know Oprah Winfrey, the bold woman revered as the “Queen of All Media.” A few years ago, I watched a video of Oprah revealing the one question every guest - over 4,589 shows and over 37,000 people who she interviewed - has asked:

“Was that ok? How was that?”

She explained that at the end of the day, this one question is the "common denominator" for all her guests no matter who they are (including Barack Obama, Beyoncé, a murderer, and George Bush).

In other words, they wanted to know:

Did you hear me?
Did what I say mean anything to you?
Did I matter?

And I believe that is 100%, the absolute truth.

You see, not every performance in my career as a music artist has been amazing.

I’ve performed at events where afterwards, I know that what I shared wasn’t received by the attendees. People are on their phones. There’s a lot of chatter. There’s limited eye contact. Yet, I keep going and do my best knowing there are those who are open to receiving what I have to offer.

And when there are events where I have delivered what I came to share and people respond with light in their eyes, full engagement, and lots of questions afterwards, my heart is on fire. That means:

I did ok.
They heard me.
I said something meaningful to them.
What I did, mattered.

Just in time for the holidays - *Limited Edition* 11x17 prints available now!

Just in time for the holidays - *Limited Edition* 11x17 prints available now!

And then I go home as the happiest camper on earth. I’m super proud. I thank the Universe. I get in the car and relive the experience by talking highlights with my siblings.

These are the opportunities I seek for every time I perform or give a keynote concert.

Everyone wants to be heard and wants to know that what they have to offer - whether it’s a video, advice, a speech, a gift, or a song - was received well. Everyone wants a valuable connection with others.

And I believe that's what Barack Obama, Beyoncé, the murderer, and George Bush meant after each of their interview with Oprah.

And I believe you want that too.

In the new year, I not only hope for myself, but for you as well, opportunities where everyone you meet wants to meet you, everything you share is accepted with a warm heart, and every possible connection is made with appreciation. Happy Holidays!

YOUR TURN! Do you find yourself asking “Did I do ok? Was that ok?” too? What do you do after sharing or giving something of yourself to others? As always, I enjoy hearing from you in the comments below!

Until next time…

Dream BIG,

"Ib Tiam" Official Music Video

"Ib Tiam" Official Music Video

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*Limited Edition Print* Poster Available Now!