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What You, Dear Fan, Taught Me in the Last 24 Days

What You, Dear Fan, Taught Me in the Last 24 Days

On November 21st, I posted a video titled, “Plhis Suab: The Story.” It’s a four-minute video of me sharing with you a very personal part of my life that impacted my new album, Plhis Suab.  

Thousands of views and hundreds of comments later, your response to this video moved me so deeply. Let me tell you how. 

Since the release of the video, I’ve had two life-changing performances with my new music. The first one was at the SuddenRush Concert on November 26th in North Carolina.

Photo by Pang Lo

The second was at UST’s Hmong United Student Association (HUSA) Hmong New Year the following weekend in Minnesota.  

Photo by Jeramie Neth

Late one night before the SuddenRush Concert, I asked my sister Nancy to be the first person to watch me rehearse my new music. Thankfully, she was so exhausted from helping me at the North Carolina Hmong New Year, she had fallen asleep while I was rehearsing.

I couldn’t get through my rehearsal without tearing up. The. Tears. Kept. Flowing.

Was it because this music is new and I’ve never performed it before?
Was it because I was afraid of how others will receive my new music?
Or was it because I had to finally be vulnerable by sharing my truth through this new music?

It may have been a combination of all three, but it doesn’t matter now. My two performances were two of the very best performances I have ever delivered in my entire career.

I felt so free, so bold, & so capable of conquering anything on that stage.

I confidently locked eyes with you in the audience (for longer than one second).

I sung my heart out.

I savored your hoots and hollars. 

I let your voices sing to me on my own song.

I let go and allowed the moment to be exactly how it was meant to be. 

I realized then that Plhis Suab isn’t just transforming me into a new vocalist or woman.  

Plhis Suab is transforming me into the artist, the performer I have always wanted to be.

And it is through your response, your interaction, and your energy, off and onstage, with all I've shared with you - the video, the performances - in the past 24 days, that I believe this to be true.

Your response to my video & what happened at the SuddenRush Concert and the HUSA Hmong New Year taught me one of the biggest life lessons to date:

When you finally tell your truth, you liberate yourself from the chains you've been bounded to. AND when you finally open that door, you'll find those who've been waiting for your liberation - those who've believed in you - all along.

Thank YOU for believing in me. Thank you for all the hundreds of comments, for coming out to my shows, & for supporting me, my music, & my truth. With your support, I cannot wait to see what the future holds & to continue bringing you incredible musical moments!

Until next time…

Dream BIG,

P.S. I'm so excited to meet my WEST COAST FANS this month in Fresno, CA!  Click on the image below for all the details. 

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