I wasn't supposed to be a music artist. But I believe you must live the life you imagine for yourself (& dream BIG). Join me on this journey!

"Plhis Suab": The Story

"Plhis Suab": The Story

I think in life we all have something that challenged us.
It's something we don’t always want to talk about.
But it’s this something that makes us, us

Here’s my something. 

[Transcript below.]

If I could only explain Plhis Suab in one sentence, it would be this:

Plhis Suab is a short collection of powerful & painful lessons learned through my entire life, especially in my early 20s, as a first generation Hmong American female & music artist.

I think in life, we all have something that challenges or challenged us, something that makes us feel “other”. It's something we don’t always want to talk about or share. But it’s this something that makes us us.

For most of my life, domestic violence, oppression, and male dominance contributed gravely to my perspective and growth as a Hmong female. I equated happiness and joy with external validation from others including elders and toxic family members.

And soon, behind closed doors, I fell into a deep heartbreak, an up-and-down emotional struggle, and a long period of what I now know as mild depression.

Plhis Suab is a 12-track anthology exploring briefly the pain I endured and most importantly, highlighting the rising of a new voice, a new Hmong American woman, a new me.

At a conference I attended, a progressive Hmong American female leader from my traditional hometown of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, once said this in regards to a new generation of Hmong women:

“We are not bi-cultural. We are a hybrid.  
Bi-cultural means there is a visible seam.  
A hybrid is a whole new breed.”

As challenging and as painful as the past has been, without the obstacles in my life, I would not have known the life I live today nor would I be a part of a whole new breed of Hmong women.

Despite the long period of darkness, somewhere in my heart, there was always a light, quietly encouraging me to get back up. It was such a difficult struggle as I spent my 20s addicted to pain, but soon, I sought out remedies through  self-help books, inspirational audio, and life-changing webinars. In fact, I discovered a lifetime relationship with yoga. Don't get me started on yoga. I fell in love again with Oprah Winfrey and all her soul-fueling colleagues. I discovered the power of uplifting words, & most importantly, the ultimate truth that I am not the story I have lived and that it can be changed...by me.

I’m getting teary-eyed, because I can see it clearly now. Plhis Suab is a musical piece that will forever carry this message:

If what you see before you does not ignite joy nor happiness, first, know this - you survived. Second, you are the one you’ve been waiting for. You are the one you've been waiting for.
You may not have been in control of your life before today, but now that you know better,
you have the power to change the storyline of your life.

And of course, dream BIG.

To purchase your copy of ‘Plhis Suab’ today, visit: http://bit.ly/pagniaxiongstore.

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