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Q: Pagnia, How Do You Get Over Stage Fright?

Q: Pagnia, How Do You Get Over Stage Fright?

Photo by Kong Lor

Photo by Kong Lor

I want to share something that’s been on my mind for the past week & unconsciously all my life. Recently, an aspiring singer reached out to me about performing. Here’s what we talked about:

ASPIRING SINGER: Pagnia, I plan to participate in a singing contest one day. How do I get over stage fright?

PAGNIA:  Oh, that’s a good one. I’ve got two answers for you.

(1) Get on that stage and keep getting on that stage until you no longer feel afraid to be on that stage.

(2) Having no stage fright really just means you're your authentic self onstage and don't need the audience to accept you. You know you belong on that stage.


PAGNIA:  I think that’s how it is in life too. We each have this grand stage to stand on and it’s called ‘life.’ But many of us are shaking behind the curtain. We’re so hesitant to be our truest, most authentic selves in life. And for us stage performers, we just have to deal with this literally.  Ha!

ASPIRING SINGER:  Haha! I get it. Thank you.

Isn’t that the simple truth?  In this crazy world, we all just want to be our truest, best, & most genuine selves.

I do.

I wanna laugh loudly while reading a hilarious chapter in the library.
I wanna wear my favorite t-shirt in public even if it shows all the crevices of my one ab.
I wanna eat Indian food at Maharaja when everyone else wants a burger at Nitty Gritty. Or both.

Authenticity - so beautiful, yet so challenging.

What’s crazy is I’ve been receiving signs left and right this week on authenticity. All because of this one conversation with an ASPIRING SINGER. :)

First, I came across this beautiful quote on Facebook.

Source: Pick The Brain

Source: Pick The Brain

Then, Fu Yuanhi, an amazing Olympic swimmer appeared on my newsfeed, candidly and unapologetically being her true, fun self in front of millions. I wanna be her best friend.

Source: NBC Olympics

Source: NBC Olympics

Third, while going through a favorite video playlist filled with 106 inspiring clips, I closed my eyes, scrolled the mouse, and clicked on two random videos.

I couldn’t believe it - BOTH were about being your authentic self.

"The most powerful thing you can be is yourself." - Dwayne Johnson

"I think what makes anyone special is being authentic - authentically yourself, because there's only one of us in all time." - Ellen DeGeneres

None of this was planned.  

But this was planned. I want you to know that I value authenticity so much. Soooooo much that Plhis Suab is the most authentic, most me, most real, most honest album I've ever created. And YES, I was afraid to share some of these songs with you for fear that they would not be accepted, that I would not be accepted -- I got stage fright.

What I’ve learned since the release of Plhis Suab, however, is that when I am my truest self around others, 
I allow others to do the same.

Whoa. I got chills just now. Imagine if everyone did that - you included. :) 

Please, I'd love to hear from you. What resonated with you? How do you stay true to yourself? Who, in your life, is an authentic being? Please leave a comment below!

Until next time…

Dream BIG,

"Plhis Suab" Available Now on iTunes

"Plhis Suab" Available Now on iTunes

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Part III: Plhis Suab Track By Track