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The Perfect Font

...doesn't exist. 

If you were Pa Chia Xiong, the album artwork designer of all my albums, you'd know that fonts are my territory. I have a deep, deep attraction to fonts. I am a font snob. And I definitely get the last word on fonts for my projects. (Unless you can sell it to me very well.)

So you can say, finding the perfect font for the album title, Plhis Suab was gonna be a fun adventure. Turns out, it was impossible. Sorta. 

After hours of searching and even coming close to purchasing a font for use, Pa Chia suggested I try to write it myself. And write it myself I did. 

This is just 1/4th of the trial runs I had, but can you spot the one

If you guessed the middle one...try again.

Top row, middle. Yep. That's the one. 

I know. It's just writing. It's just a font. Get over it, Pagnia. 

I can't. And I won't. Ever.  :)

Thanks for stopping by today. Happy Friday, you! Until next time...

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