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Happy Birthday, "Plhis Suab"!

Happy Birthday, "Plhis Suab"!

Plhis Suab is officially 1!

I recently came across a short video just days before the release of my album, Plhis Suab. I was smiling in the background, watching my little niece Scarlett, whose only way to express her excitement was to dance, squat, and kiss newly printed Plhis Suab posters on the ground.

Fast forward to July 2017.

Scarlett now speaks in full sentences, sings with Elsa and Moana, and can give “the eye” to her Niam Tais Pajnyiag for no reason. I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone.

But I’m grateful. So grateful.

Because of Plhis Suab, I was able to do some things for the first time, hear empowering stories from you, and make some of the best music memories yet.

Today, I celebrate Plhis Suab’s 1st birthday with a sweet trip down memory lane. Join me in this celebration & leave a comment below!

July 2016

After the official release in MN, I wrote you a love letter and tens of thousands of you responded with an outpour of love.

August 2016

At last! Plhis Suab became available on iTunes! 

The "Plhis Suab: Track By Track" Video Series" was released, and I took you on a brief journey of each song in the new album.

October 2016

It had been some time since I played Plhis Suab at home, and I was grateful. In this #ArtistConfession, I shared why.


November 2016

The Plhis Suab: The Story video (above) was released, and you showed me so much love. 

I also told you about how one fan influenced me to create Plhis Suab.

And then performed music from Plhis Suab for the first time. It became one of my most favorite performances ever.

December 2016

I created a little holiday gift just for you, featuring music from Plhis Suab!

It was also a first for me in Fresno; meeting fans at the Hmong New Year (left)!

January 2017

When one of my singing idols got a copy of my new album, I had to share it with you.

March 2017

I reminisced about how the font of my album title came to be. 

Then after a month of casting, the Hluav Taws Music Video Cast Family (below) finally met and shot my first music video. The cast taught me so much. For example, there are angels among this earth, some you've yet to meet, who share the same vision as you and truly want to help you bring it to life. 

April 2017

Plhis Suab gave me the chance to do my first ever keynote concert!

Hluav Taws was released as my first music video of an original song. 

May 2017

My producer, Tchoua Xiong and I created a 15-minute mash-up with five original songs, including music highlights from Plhis Suab and then I performed in front of thousands at the Hmong Music Festival in Fresno, CA. This special set was a first for me!

June 2017

The Hluav Taws music video was showcased at the Qhia Dab Neeg Film Festival with Director Kong Lor in attendance!

July 2017

The journey continues.

Yes, indeed. I’m currently sowing seeds for what I want to bring into this world with Plhis Suab. There’s still so much to share, and I look forward to harvest time. I hope you'll be there, waiting for me.

From your hugs to your stories, backstage and in front of my booth, thank you so much for your love and support this past year. I felt it deep and pure.

Until next time…

Dream BIG,

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