I wasn't supposed to be a music artist. But I believe you must live the life you imagine for yourself (& dream BIG). Join me on this journey!

How to Win A Hmong Singing Contest - Intro

Welcome to my 4-part blog series: How to Win A Hmong Singing Contest!

If you were to tell me that at age 15, the beginning of my music career would be competing in more than a dozen singing contests across the Minnesota-Wisconsin state line at Hmong summer festivals and New Years, I would have giggled in doubt.


Yet, competing in Hmong singing contests is a big reason why I can get onstage and perform for you today. It’s been 16 years since I entered my very first singing contest, but I’ve never forgotten the experience.

I can still feel the sweat & anxiety I carried right on stage before I even sung.

I can still see the nerves on my Hmong sisters & brothers as we stood in silence, anxiously waiting for our turn backstage.

I can still feel the hair brush in hand, rehearsing for hours, hoping to win the judges’ hearts.

I know what it means when you tell your family you’re competing in the singing contest, but you honestly don’t know what you’re doing (and they don’t either).

You see - I started out just like you. No role model. No handbook. Just a whole lot of HEART.

But you’re in luck; you have some guidance...right here. This blog series’ for you—you brave soul who just wants to sing.  And win.  

May you take this blog series on your singing journey as a guide. And as always, please leave your comments/questions below. I do read them all and do my best to respond.

Until next time...

Dream BIG, 

DISCLAIMER: The How to Win a Hmong Singing Contest blog series is a collection of Pagnia Xiong's personal experience with competing and judging for Hmong singing contests. It was first published in October 2013 and has since been updated with new insights & tips. Please note this blog series is simply a guide and any action whatsoever taken based on the contents of this website or any of its related sites, materials, products or information is to be used solely at your own discretion, risk and liability.

How to Win A Hmong Singing Contest - Part 1

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